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10 Tips to deal with a low phase in life!!

1) Become a little open about your problems, not with everyone, but definitely with one or a few people. While this will help in making you feel lighter, it will also help in you becoming more comfortable with your problem. Importantly, on sharing somebody might be able to provide you with some kind of solution.

2) Don’t force yourself to do things you simply don’t like to do. Even if you were a certain kind of person earlier but don’t feel like being the same person right now, then don’t be that person, its alright. Just be whoever you feel comfortable being.

3) Have Fun. Movies, books, songs, sitcoms, trip to favourite restaurant, coffee shop, wherever you feel like going and having a good time, if not with a friend then even all by yourself. Just have some fun. Laughter and fun can do a lot to accelerate that engine of happiness that has stopped moving.

4) Try to find new friends. Not that your old ones are bad, but just do you bit to find people who you have something in common with. Common likes, habits, hobbies, tastes, anything. Find them in online communities (facebook, twitter, blogs) or offline meetups or a hobby class. New is good. (Old are good too )

5) Stop doubting yourself. Yes, you may not be getting what you deserve and life may not be headed anywhere, but you need to understand one simple thing. We are all talented, and we are all good in our ways, but at times, due to the non availability of somebody who can value us for who we are, we feel down and low. You are good, and time will prove it to you.

6) Sleep. Sleep enough, even if you sleep late, wake up late. If you don’t get time to sleep during the weekdays, sleep during your holiday. But sleep well. Sleep alone is effective enough in bringing your thoughts in sync. Meditation has also turned out to be very effective for a lot of people. Try it sometime. If nothing else, just watch a YouTube video about the same and you’ll get the hang of it.

7) Health. Have you been bothering the simple ailments that affect you? Delaying the visit to the Doctor? Simple health ailments can be the cause of immense irritation and the after effects of the same. Please try to be as healthy as you can be.

8) Sweets. Fill your refrigerator with chocolates, have some ice cream in the freezer, go and eat a good pastry every once in a while, and try having the donut you’ve been craving for sometime. Helps, definitely helps.

9) Past. Hmm. Its over you know. Its gone. Thinking about it won’t change it. Can we move on and focus on the sweets we can have in the present please?

10) Future. Hmm. Make as many plans as you want to, and most of them will fail. Make no plans, and still something will work out. Relax, take it easy, what has to happen will happen, just put in your efforts (take breaks, as many as you want) and then wait. Patience is all we all need. Lets keep telling ourselves that.

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